By 2050, around 75% of the world’s population will live in cities.

It Urges a regeneration

The global urban population is growing at two people per second, adding 172,800 new city-dwellers each day. The result is ghettoised cities in which walls and gates become the norm as communities, often in close physical proximity, vie to exclude the other. It urges a regeneration, helping cities around the world to become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges with a transition to the circular economy, applying the concepts of reducing, recycling and reusing.

 This is the issue addressed in the reCity, a master degree created to design innovative visions supporting communities, stakeholders and political leaders towards more smart and sustainable cities, i.e. circular city.



in circular economy

The Focus

A holistic approach .

The focus is city regeneration, pursued with a holistic approach based on an integrated sustainable urban development, in terms of design, communication, building and management. The main objective is to deepen university study and work experience, integrating them with interdisciplinary skills to acquire competencies required by the labour market for successful employment in a wide range of contexts related to city regeneration. 




Way to work   

Cross-disciplinary teams. 

In the reCity EJMD, students work in cross-disciplinary teams, consider issues from multiple perspectives, gain insight from industry leaders, link up with networks and emerge with a portfolio of projects.





Integrated curriculum

A two-year joint master degree taught in English, 120 ECTS credits over 4 semesters. An integrated, design-led & job-oriented curriculum with lectures, tutorials, seminars, laboratories, workshops, working groups, mobile learning, field trips, internship and research. Students also have the opportunity to learn the local languages and culture. Mobility tracks in Italy, Spain and Bulgaria. In the fourth semester, students implement a research-based thesis and undertake an internship in an enterprise/practice worldwide.





With you

Accross Europe

The partnership is made up of leading universities, organisations, companies and non-profit institutions coming from different countries of Europe and Asia.



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The Consortium, through the Liaison Secretariat, welcomes students offering a comprehensive service pack, with particular assistance for housing and integration into daily life. A laptop (Mac) or an iPhone/iPad is also provided to each student.  


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